The Red Herring Trading Centre is situated at the foot of one of the world’s most spectacular mountain drives within walking distance of the pristine white sands of Noordhoek’s Long Beach.

From a restaurant and pub deck that emerges aerie-like from an ancient Milkwood forest, visitors are treated to breathtaking views that span the 8km beach from the boulder lined base of majestic Chapman’s Peak to the coastal town of Kommetjie and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

Traditionally the hub of the old Noordhoek village, the centre is home to the landmark Red Herring Restaurant and Skebanga’s Pub.

Although newly refurbished, the Red Herring Trading Centre has been a focal point of Noordhoek’s artist rich community for nearly two decades, playing host to quality local bands and providing a stop-off point for walkers, horse riders, surfers, bird and whale watchers as well as sun seeking holiday makers who travel from far and wide to experience the unique natural beauty of this region.

There can be few places left on this earth where tranquility, immeasurable beauty and the splendour of an unspoiled African coastline and mountainside combine within striking distance of a cosmopolitan city – as they do in this far corner of South Africa.

Cape Town, with its vibrant night life and rich cultural heritage is a mere 35 minute drive away.

It is believed that the Milkwood tree (Sideroxylon inerme) can dispel bad dreams. So, in this valley, where starry skies are favoured above street lights and horses have right of way on the roads, your sleep in one of the area’s many B&B’s or self catering cottages will be broken only by the hoot of owls and gentle call of the night jar.

(aer·ie or aer·y also ey·rie or ey·ry (âr, îr) n. pl. aer·ies also eyr·ies. 1. The nest of a bird, such as an eagle, built on a cliff or other high place.)